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    Portable Modular Ramp kit


    Portable modular ramps that are versatile enough to solve a variety of problems. Quick and easy to install, the kits have a width of 750mm (29½ inches) and can overcome thresholds up to 150mm (6 inches).   Designed with a safe working load of 1 ton per square inch. Lightweight, they can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution.   Available options: read more.
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    Axcess Suitcase Ramp


    Axcess Suitcase Ramps are designed for both scooters and wheelchairs. They are double width track ramps offering a wide non-slip driving surface.   The two hinged tracks simply unfold and can be positioned accordingly for maximum safety and support. A handle in the centre of each ramp (except 610mm (2ft) version) enables easier carrying Platform width 736mm (29 inches) Maximum loread more.
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    Fixed Length Lightweight Channel Ramp


    These fixed length ramps are lightweight and highly portable. The top of the ramp features two moulded plastic inserts which will locate on the top of a step or rear of a vehicle.   The working surface of the ramp is coated in grit for maximum grip and durability. Supplied as a pair. Internal width 150mm (5¾ inches) External width 180mm (7 inches) Maximum load 300 kg read more.
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    Fibreglass Threshold Ramp


    Designed to overcome the majority of wooden/UPVC door frames allowing the door to open and close when in position. Max clearance 76mm (3 inches) Length 450mm (17¾ inches) Width 760mm (30 inches) Weight 2.0kg Maximum load 250 kg 39¼ st read more.
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    Axcess Fixed Length Broad Ramp


    This fixed length broad ramp is designed to take the whole of the scooter or wheelchair. It is especially suitable for three-wheeled scooters, which can’t be accommodated on channel ramps.   Wheelchair attendants may find it easier to push users up and down this type of ramp as they can walk on it behind the chair. The top end has an angled lip with ribbed rubber underneath for extra grip on the landing surface. read more.
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    Portable Adjustable Threshold Ramps


    An extremely versatile threshold ramp, supplied in sections, which may be fitted together with each section giving a 25mm (1 inches) raise. Simply slide the sections together to achieve the height required, then slide the lip onto the last section. May be fixed into place via two holes in the lip Width 864mm (34 inches) Maximum load 272 kg 42¾ st read more.
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    Axcesss Roll Up Ramp


    The Axcess Roll-Up Ramp is lightweight and portable. Its compact design allows it to be rolled up for transport, but it can be set up in seconds.   It has a durable non-slip surface and side rails that act as a bumper guide for increased safety and  Maximum load 273 kg 43 st read more.
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    Bevelled Rubber Threshold Ramp


    Slip resistant and made entirely of recycled tires. This rubber threshold ramp is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and provides a safe and smooth ground-to-sill transition. Rise 38mm (1½ inches) Length 305mm (12 inches) Useable width 915mm (36 inches) Total width 1067mm (42 inches) Maximum load 386 kg 60¾ st read more.
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    Axcess Channel Threshold Ramps


    These innovative channel ramps are designed to bridge a threshold from one surface to another. Highly portable, they have a pivoting plate at the top so that surfaces at different levels can be accommodated.   The working surface is coated in grit for maximum grip and durability. Suitable for overcoming thresholds of up to 75mm (3 inches). Supplied as a pair Ascending ramp length 395mm (15&read more.
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    Doorline Varisystem Threshold Ramp


    This new and exciting product is probably the most versatile and adjustable threshold ramp available. A locating track for the feet is fixed to the floor and then the feet are adjusted to suit the exact height of the threshold.   Easy and rapid to fit, each ramp is supplied complete with adjustable feet, locating track and joining kit (where required). The ramp has a safe and reliable grip surface and is availaread more.
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    Two Sided Threshold Ramps


    Doors can be opened and closed with this ramp mounted in position. Stable and secure, it is a convenient way for wheelchair users to gain access around their homes.   The two bars are mounted onto the threshold and then each panel can be easily fitted or removed as required.Covered with a durable non-slip track for safety.   Length: either 320mm (12½ inches) or at 640mm (25 read more.
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    Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp


    The Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp, with its single fold design, offers a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised landings with ease. This ultra-strong aluminium ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable. The ramp can be separated, making it even easier to use, carry, and store. The ramp features high-quality slip-resistant tape read more.
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    Lightweight Channel Telescopic Ramp


    These ramps are designed to be lightweight and highly portable. The top of the ramp features two moulded plastic inserts which will locate on the top of a step or rear of a vehicle. The working surface of the ramp is coated in grit for maximum grip and durability.     The two part telescopic ramp features a locking device to hold the two parts together at their minimum length to prevent accidental opening during tread more.
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    Axcess Telescopic Two Part Channel Ramp


    These ramps, sold in pairs, are made from two nested aluminium extrusions. They produce a strong rigid ramp, which gives a feeling of stability and security to the user. They can be telescoped in and out to give the optimum length and then closed down to their minimum for storage or transport. A spring safety lock holds the sections closed Internal width 188mm (7½ inches) External width 245mm (9&fread more.
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    Axcess Telescopic Broad Ramp


    These ramps are similar to the fixed length broad ramp above but constructed from two nested telescoping sections. This allows a longer length to be spanned with adjustability to suit the user's requirement.   When at their minimum length, they are held closed by a safety catch, which prevents them from moving during transportation and storage. Platform width 700mm (27½ inches) Eread more.
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    Traveller Ramp


    Extremely lightweight and versatile for use whilst travelling out and about. Can be used to overcome difficult kerbs and small steps then folded away and stored when not in use.   Complete with carry bag which fits onto the back of a wheelchair for convenience. Length 450mm (17¾ inches) Platform width 660mm (26 inches) Weight 3kg Maximum load 300 kg 47 st read more.
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    High Visibility Suitcase Ramp


    Constructed from heavy gauge aluminium to ensure they are lightweight, these ramps have been powder coated in high visibility yellow paint and have a coarse non-slip coating for enhanced safety.   Convenient to use and store for both the home market and business user alike, they have handles built in for easy carrying. The raised outer edge helps to prevent wheelchairs or scooters from coming off the ramp. read more.
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    Advantage Series TriFold Ramps


    These ramps have a unique 3-fold design and provide easy access steps, vehicles, and raised landings. They can be used and carried as a set, or if desired, can be quickly separated into two lightweight sections, each with their own carrying handle.   The durable hinge with interlocking brackets provides smoother operation and reduced pinch points. These portable ramps feature a high-quality slip-resistant surface with read more.
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    DecPac Multi-Purpose Foldaway Ramp


    This is a lightweight ramp, complete with its own bag for storage on the back of a wheelchair. It allows easy access in domestic situations, climbing kerbs, as well as coping with similar obstacles in the workplace. Width 740mm (29 inches) Maximum load 300 kg 47 st Availablein two options:  read more.
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    Perfolight Ramp, Aluminium Lightweight Rigid Ramp


    Beautifully crafted in anodised aluminium, these channel ramps offer an excellent combination of compact storage and ease of use. Separate halves allow lighter carrying, effortless deployment and can accommodate narrow doorways or wider mobility devices. Unique perforated surface gives excellent grip and makes the ramp lighter while increasing its strength Anodised aluminium finish prevents stains and corrread more.
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    Folding Access Channel Ramp


    A pair of lightweight folding channel ramps manufactured from fibreglass and designed for wheelchair or scooter access. These lightweight ramps are easily handled and fold in half for storage.   Finished with a non slip surface and smooth edges to prevent injury or damage. Internal width 203mm (8 inches) Maximum load 250 kg 39¼ st read more.
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    Folding Two Sided Threshold Ramp


    This folding threshold ramp is a safe, simple solution to the problem of a raised threshold strip. It folds out to produce a ramp on either side of a small platform, bridging the threshold strip and making it easy to go up, over and down the other side.   Folds up neatly and has a useful carry handle at the top so it is easy to transport. Total length 1200mm (47¼ inches) Track width read more.
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    Fibreglass Foldable Scooter Ramp


    This portable access ramp is specially designed for use with three wheel scooters and is also ideal for transporting wheelchairs into vehicles as well as a variety of other access situations.   Lightweight and portable, it folds in half for easy storage. Can also be used for permanent installations. Manufactured from non-corrosive glass reinforced plastic with a contrasting coloured non-slip surface. read more.
  • add to cart »Perfolight Folding Ramp

    Perfolight Folding Ramp


    This ramps is hinged in the middle and fold in half for compact storage. Quick and simple to set up, the hinge can also be used to bridge thresholds. Internal width 210mm (8 inches) Length 1500mm (59 inches) Weight 9.6kg Maximum load 300 kg 47 st read more.

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Explore Your Options for Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps are essential for scooter and wheelchair users. It allows them to have more freedom, as they can go in and out of buildings and rooms without having to be limited by stairs. There are several different options for wheelchair and scooter ramps. The materials commonly used are aluminum and fiberglass. Finding the right ramp depends heavily on where it is to be used. Read on to learn more about the different ramps available.

Telescopic (extendable) Ramps
Many find telescopic ramps to be the best pick for their needs. Unlike other types of wheelchair ramps, telescopic ramps are extendable, meaning their length can be adjusted to suit the needs of various spaces. These ramps have a lightweight construction which makes them easy to be moved. They often come with carrying handles to make transporting them convenient. The ability to shorten the ramp makes it easy to save space when the ramp is not being used. A non-skid surface and soft end profile adds to the safety of the user. Even though telescopic ramps can be extended and shortened, there are still different lengths for the buyer to choose from.

Fixed length ramps
Fixed length ramps do not offer the same versatility as does the telescopic ramp, but many find that it serves their purposes just fine. These ramps are most commonly made out of aluminum and can be installed from the threshold of a door, across the steps. When buying a fixed length ramp, it is vital to know the length needed because the ramp cannot be adjusted. Those who buy a fixed length ramp and later find they need a ramp for another area might have to buy a new ramp, whereas they have just moved their ramp to the new area if they had a telescopic ramp, or a foldable ramp.

Foldable (compact) Ramps
Foldable ramps are the most portable and also very lightweight. Many of these compact wheelchair ramps are made of fiberglass and all of them fit neatly into a car or van for accessibility on the go. These ramps are great for scooter and wheelchair users that like to do a lot of travel. They help you get access to places otherwise not easy for those in a wheelchair to enter. Foldable ramps make the perfect travel accessory for when visiting friends and family who do not have ramps installed, or when going on a vacation or business trip.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options for wheelchair and scooter ramps. However, the choosing a ramp that best suits your needs is easy because they all have different, distinct features that identify where they can best be used. When buying a ramp there are a few other things that you might want to consider, such as the safety features, stability, and weight capacity. It is easy to find a great ramp that withstands all kinds of weather, gives you access to the places you want to go, and perfectly suits you needs.