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    Leg Lifter with Stirrup Loop


    This webbing strap with stiffened stem enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when using the bed, wheelchair, footstool etc. The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and the lower stiffened loop slides over the foot to give control in lifting the leg.read more.
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    Dual Handle Double Handed Leg Lifter


    This webbing strap with stiffened stem enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when using the bed, wheelchair, footstool etc. The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and the lower stiffened loop slides over the foot to give control in lifting the leg.   Similar in construction to the Leg Lifter (AA8620),but with two handles for users that cannot lift tread more.
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    Transfer Turntable Disc


    This strong yet lightweight plastic turntable provides easy rotation through 360° for functional standing and seated transfers.    Ideal for bed to chair or car transfers.    Diameter 405mm (15½ inches) Weight 1kg     Maximum user weight 158 kg 24 ¾ st read more.
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    Curved Transfer Board


    The Curved Transfer Board is designed to enable people with limited strength and mobility to assist with functional transfers. The board is ideal for car, bed, chair and toilet transfers, facilitating independence with safety.   The arc shape not only enables a variety of positioning options, but also allows for the natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer.For increased stability and security the Curved Transferead more.
  • add to cart »Medidisc Transfer Turntable

    Medidisc Transfer Turntable


    A lightweight stand on turntable made from plastic. A twin ball race movement gives an exceptionally smooth turning action. By placing a foot on the flexible rim, the carer can control the movement (braking action). Slotted carrying handle. Non-slip studs on underside.   A carrying handle makes this an easily transportable transfer aid. Non-slip studs on underside. Diameter 381mm (15 inches)read more.
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    Commode Transfer Board


    Uniquely shaped with strategically placed cut-out, this board does not need to be removed during an individual’s toileting routine after the client transfers to the commode or toilet. The white plastic, high density board has two different sides; one is striate-sanded for wet, bare skin transfers, the other is buff‑sanded for clothed transfers. The birch transfer board is available in two weight limits.   read more.
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    Patient Handling Belt


    The Patient Handling Belt is comfortable to wear for the patient and allows the carer to gain a very safe grip and maintain a good working posture. It gives a feeling of added security to the patient during transfers. To size, measure circumference of waist.   Waist Size Colour AA8read more.
  • add to cart »Rota Pad Transfer Turntable Disc Stand

    Rota Pad Transfer Turntable Disc Stand


    For turning patients in a sitting or standing position. Gives greater manoeuvrability when getting in and out of cars and reduces the effects of friction. Diameter 400mm (15½ inches) Weight 1kg read more.
  • add to cart »JuleCush



    An incredibly innovative and practical product invented by a Community Nurse with experience of treating patients in the community with the aim of preventing knee and back injuries to healthcare professionals and carers.   Designed to protect the knees of healthcare professionals whilst treating and kneeling in uncomfortable positions. Assists with the treating of patients/individuals witread more.
  • add to cart »Heavy Duty Turntable Disc Pad

    Heavy Duty Turntable Disc Pad


    A high quality turntable with non-slip injection moulded rubber pads and a durable injection moulded plastic body with brass and nylon bushes. Self-lubricating and virtually maintenance free.   Wipe clean with soapy water or alcohol solution. Diameter 335mm (13¼ inches) Weight 1.4kg Maximum user weight 223 kg 35 st read more.
  • add to cart »SuperPole with SuperBar

    SuperPole with SuperBar


    The SuperPole with SuperBar provides horizontal, as well as vertical support, for extra stability. It moves smoothly when lifted and locks securely when let down. The SuperBar locks every 45° and is height adjustable.   Available as an add on accessory to the SuperPole or as a complete unit.   Complete unit with SuperPole: Length 2.44m (96˝). Dread more.
  • add to cart »Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

    Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar


    The Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar makes standing from a couch, bed, or toilet& Easy. And because it's tension mounted, it can easily be placed anywhere in the home without any screws or bolts. The Curve Grab Bar has 4-Handgrips that make it easy to climb to a standing position and because it rotates 360 degrees you can move out of the way when not in use.   And like all our products, it blends in withread more.
  • add to cart »SuperPole Basic

    SuperPole Basic


    The SuperPole Basic is central to a support system providing assistance for standing, transferring or moving in bed. The pole is easily installed using a simple jackscrew expansion and fits ceiling heights from 2.36m (93˝) to 2.54m (100˝). A quality handgrip provides a secure and comfortable grip and rubber pads prevent marking of the ceiling or floor. The SuperPole basic serves as a mounting support for theread more.
  • add to cart »Homecraft Orbi-Turn

    Homecraft Orbi-Turn


    The Orbi-Turn has been designed for carers to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers, whilst minimising the risk of injury to themselves and the patient. It allows a client with moderate upper and lower limb strength to participate in functional transfers whilst ensuring good working postures for carers and therapists.   Height adjustable and angled knee pad facilitates normal biomechanical hip and kneeread more.
  • add to cart »BeasyII



    Ideal for short transfer distances, such as between bed and wheelchair. Length 700mm (27½˝). Seat diameter 300mm (12˝). Weight 2kg. read more.
  • add to cart »BeasyGlyder



    Especially designed for transfer past wheelchair arms and similar obstacles.   Length 810mm (32˝). Seat diameter 250mm (10˝). Weight 2.2kg. read more.
  • add to cart »BeasyTrans



    This transfer system is ideal for car to wheelchair transfers.   Length 1020mm (40˝). Seat diameter 300mm (12˝). Weight 2.9kg. read more.
  • add to cart »Caresia Twist

    Caresia Twist


    The ergonomic ‘wall-bar’ design on this patient turner makes it easy to use and encourages a natural rise into standing position. The padded knee brace provides support and has the added feature of a pocket on the reverse to store user instructions and other useful information. The turntable is just 20mm (¾˝) high, giving ease of access, and a quality ball bearing mechanism ensures effortless turning. A wheel at the front eread more.
  • add to cart »Days Casalift Mobile Hoist

    Days Casalift Mobile Hoist


    The Casalift Mobile Hoist is a new lightweight, compact, manoeuvrable hoist that is very easy to service and maintain. With electric leg opening, user friendly clip on handset, controlled manual lowering for emergencies and easy to clean smooth services it is ideal for all situations. An acoustic low battery alarm emits an alert at approximately 50% battery level. The control box also includes emergency stop and charge status. The handset featread more.
  • add to cart »Camel Inflatable lifting Chair

    Camel Inflatable lifting Chair


    The CAMEL inflatable lifting chair is designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor either independently or with assistance from a carer. Particularly suitable for very large or bariatric people, it is simple to use and appropriate for any age. The CAMEL is lightweight and portable. It packs away into a compact, discreet bag when not in use or for transportation. Operated by low air pressure using the Airflo power source. read more.

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