Mobility Scooters

2 Years Extended Warranty for Mobility Scooters

Don't worry about the possibility of something going wrong. With Premier Care extended warranty we pay for parts, callout and labour with no excess.


Protect yourself against expensive repairs with this extended manufacturer’s scooter warranty. Mobility Scooter Warranty covers you for mechanical and electrical breakdown, together with parts, labour and call out charges. We even pay the repairing agent direct so you don’t have to wait to claim your money back from us. Our Mobility Warranty policy is designed for owners of mobility scooters and power chairs valued at up to £5,000 and provides financial protection in the event of accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown.

  • Sudden & unforeseen electrical breakdown
  • Accidental mechanical breakdowns
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Parts replacements
  • Labour and Callout anywhere in the UK
  • No excess fees
  • 2 years Extended cover
Warrnty


The policy is available on both new and used equipment. For new products cover commences immediately. For used products protection lasts for 9 months commencing 3 calendar months after the equipment has been purchased. Before expiry date policies for both new and used products will be offered renewal for a period after the first 24 months.


Q Why are our scooters much cheaper than other mobility shops?

Tv advertising costs money.
Large showrooms costs money.
Someone has to pay for these costs, Im sure you can work out who. Therefore we keep our prices low because we don't have these overheads.


Q Are these scooters the same as the ones I've seen in other shops?

A. YES. Exactly the same just not over priced


Q What about guarantee and warranty?

The scooters come with a one year warranty and also the option to increase it to 2 or 3 year cover. Obviously we would prefer if you lived within the 50 mile radius from our shop so that we could come out and see you should there ever be a problem. If you live outside our preferred distance then we encourage you to take out the insurance guarantee. Which means you are covered in the event of an emergency.    


Mobility Scooters

If you’re looking to buy the best electric mobility scooter buying online can be a risky business because of the low prices from unreliable and untrustworthy companies. So what if you could buy one at a low internet price but still receive the good old fashioned shop floor assistance from professionals. There are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration, because one of the most important things when buying a electric scooter is to make sure that it suits the needs of the user. We’re going to talk about how to pick the best one to fit your needs, or the needs of the person you’re buying it for.


There are many companies offering electric mobility scooters on the market, making a wide array of brand names available. However, as you probably can imagine, some are better than others. It is important to buy from a reputable manufacturer because you want the scooter to last long and perform well with very little maintenance or repair. If you go with a Shoprider (Roma) or a Drive mobility scooter by Drive Medical, for example, these are brands that have proven to be reliable. These companies sell have a great reputation because of their high quality.


The size is very important for various reasons, you want to make sure that the electric scooter can be easily stored and maneuvered by the user. At the same time, a very important factor is the comfort that the person using the scooter has during use. It’s needless to say that if it’s too large, then to drive the scooter will be a chore and if it’s too small, then it won’t be very comfortable.

There are a few basic questions that you need to ask:


1. What Size of Mobility Scooter Do I Need?

Mobility scooters are a great invention because they give people their freedom back. No longer are they confined to the house or forced to suffer the discomfort they feel when trying to get around with a walker or cane. However, if it is your first time shopping for one, then picking the right one might be a challenge. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to brand names and types. Read on to pick up a few helpful tips which can serve to make the choice easier.


2. What About Storage Space For The Mobility Scooter?

Lightweight mobility scooters are popular choices, but, these don’t always have a lot of storage space. This isn’t a problem if the person using the scooter doesn’t have to go shopping, but, if the scooter will be mainly used for that purpose, then storage space is highly important.


3. Do I Really Need a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters can be great, especially since they can be charged easily, but at the same time, they don’t have a long range. This means that the amount of usage time should be considered before purchasing the scooter, because electric mobility scooters, as the name says need to mainly ensure increased mobility.

Keep these three questions in mind when buying one, and make the price be the last thing on your mind. There are plenty models available, some more affordable than others, but the above factors are the most important in choosing a mobility scooter.



Types of Mobility Scooters

Narrowing down your choices of mobility scooters does not stop with picking a favorite brand name. Most scooter manufacturers like Roma Shoprider and Drive Scooters offer several different types and models that you will have to choose from.

The kinds of scooters can be simplified into three main categories;

  • Boot also known as Compact or Lightweight Mobility Scooters.
    These scooters can be folded or collapsed to fit into a car boot. They are very lightweight and easy to collapse or fold. They are also called 4mph scooter mainly because, well they have maximum speed of 4 mph.
  • Medium or Mid Size Mobility Sccoters
    These scooters have a maximum speed of around 6mph. They are collapsable or foldable to save on storage space.
  • Large Mobility Scooters
    These are the largest size of scooters out there. Maximum speed is 8mph and some even go to 10mph. The large wheels make it capable for them to climb kerbs.


There are 3-wheel and 4-wheel. Those who love the ruggedness of outdoor terrain would do well to choose a 4-wheel mobility scooter, but these scooters are not very easy to maneuver when indoors. This is the reason 4-wheel mobility scooters are more popular. They are easier to navigate around corners and down the curved ramps of sidewalks, which is the type of functionality, most need. Besides a love of the outdoors, the only other reason some go with 4-wheel scooters is that they think the 3-wheeled versions are more prone to tip over, but that is not really the case.


Other Mobility Scooter Features
All types might prove just fine for getting around the house or neighborhood, but those who want to go further should take a look at the features. Travel mobility scooters are easier to transport because some models are foldable and they are all more lightweight. The benefits of lightweight mobility scooters are numerous; making the scooters designed for travel a great pick.  They are less bulky by design, which is great when it comes to navigating through smaller spaces.  

They are ideal for those who want to carry their scooters on the back of their vehicles, or even fold them up and store them in the trunk or backseat. When shopping for one, it is important to choose the type that best fits the lifestyle you want to have. Get ready to get rid of the limitations and reclaim your freedom.  Find out more about mobility scooters or order yours today.